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No one cared when he spoke to Fahrenheit? Aaron Yan tried to make friends: it’s like smashing against a wall

Aaron Yan entered the Showbiz industry through Taiwanese boyband ‘Fahrenheit’. Recently, his response to an interview has left many in shock. Even though he still have contacts with Wu Chun, but he “isn’t friends” with the other 2 group members, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen. Aaron’s words have generated discussions of that he has neglected his past, leaving Fahrenheit fans’ heartbroken. Some fans even attacked Aaron by saying: “You don’t think before you speak, have you really matured?” But Aaron directly replied saying: “You’re no longer young, I feel so heartbroken as you don’t even understand simple words like this.”

Aaron was only 19 years old when he stepped into his showbiz career, but the other 3 members were already over 25 at the time. They insisted that they didn’t want to be ‘idols’, which left Aaron with a feeling of being hardly hit. In his China Times interview, he directly said: “Did they care about my feelings? Did they know how I live my life to this job?” He expressed that he still has contacts with Wu Chun because he “treats me as partner who has worked hard on something together.” Whereas the other 2 members, there’s no way for himself and them to become friends, he emphasised: “I couldn’t act as if we were friends.”

All these words have generated talks amongst loyal Fahrenheit fans. After the interview got released, Aaron posted a status on his Facebook saying: “Relationships come and go, they need to be managed; if these relationships only ‘go’ and do not remain then it’s just like smashing your head against a wall to make it bleed, so are we still going to continue with it?” Accordingly to a mysterious person who supposedly knew about the issue, Aaron tried to make an effort to become friends with the other 3 members in the past, but because he was very young at the time, with an age gap of 5 or 6 years, so he couldn’t seem to find a chance to join in with their conversations. This has left Aaron with a feeling of being ignored and being left out. The person added: “The fact that he’s saying these words today indicates that he really did get hurt badly in the past.”

However, the relationship between Fahrenheit members isn’t really like what the media have said of them not being on good terms with one another. The person expressed: “They treated it like work, just like colleagues; classmates don’t always become good friends, but it’s not to the point of hating one another.” Actually this isn’t the first time which Aaron has mentioned about Fahrenheit. In fact, he has mentioned about Fahrenheit several times of the group having brought him to where he is at now and he’s very thankful for it.

There are typically two types of singer groups. One type is when a group has already been formed, then companies offer them with a contract. The second type is when a company collect several newbies to form a group. Groups which belong to the first category include Mayday and Soda Green, the members have close relationships with one another as they already knew each other beforehand. However, Fahrenheit belong to the latter, compared with the first category, their relationships are inevitably more departed. It is often said by artistes within the showbiz that: “Not every group can be like S.H.E, treating each member as a good friend, sometimes members are only treated as ‘colleagues’.”

In response to Aaron’s comments, a portion of fans expressed that they’re disappointed: “All your neglects about your past, what is it to us fans who have once supported and loved Fahrenheit so much?” Aaron replied: “I’m not trying to neglect anything. You’re the one who added ‘neglect’ into the sentence, look at the article, do not add extras.”

However, Aaron has always had a personality of saying things very bluntly and in a direct way. In fact, his management company H.I.M. International doesn’t really have limitations in terms of what their artistes want to express, including what they post onto their Facebooks. On the other hand, many fans have supported Aaron as they think he’s only saying the truth. In response to the rage of the two groups of fans, H.I.M. International currently cannot comment as they can’t seem to get hold of Aaron.

Source: ETtoday 20140921
Translations: dearaaronyan.tumblr.com

[2014.09.22] Kim Jong Kook’s Official Weibo update

金钟国_official: Weibo reached 100k followers! Thank you all the fans! [Leveraging everyone’s support, my weibo has reached 100k followers~ I will always hold gratitude to work harder~! Everyone must be happy oh!]

Aaron at IOI Mall Fansign in Malaysia (20140921)
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Aaron at NTV7 Golden Awards in Malaysia (20140920)
Translation of Aaron’s response about his ‘friendship’ with Calvin Chen:

"Me and Calvin are both under the same management company, just like you guys are all under the same news report company; however, you may not all be good friends with one another. Not trying to say that you didn’t put any effort in, just like me, I’ve put a lot of effort into it, but maybe because the environment which I grew up in plus the job which I’m doing are different, so I’ve never asked for things like fate. We’re both happy about it. I’m definitely not saying I don’t see him as a good friend, but this kind of stuff cannot be asked for. Just like love, you wouldn’t force yourself to be with a girl who you don’t like. Even though this is a very simple reasoning, but I still hope everyone can put themselves in my perspective to think about it, that’s all. We don’t have anything against each other. We just didn’t really want to go out to watch movies and have fun together all the time, neither were there many opportunities for us to do so. I cannot say anything for sure. Time is a very treacherous thing, it can cause an enemy to become a good friend, yet it can cause a good friend to become an enemy, nothing’s definite. There’s nothing wrong between us, just that we cannot become good friends." [04:35-5:50]

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Aaron at NTV7 Golden Awards in Malaysia (20140920)
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