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[2014.08.26] Kim Jong Kook Instagram update

kjk76: #throwback Celebrating HaHa’s birthday right after RM shoot! Only us 3 left to do the ice bucket challenge! :) #alreadymissthem #birthday #icebucketchallenge #runningman 지난주 런닝맨 끝나고 가볍게 하하생일 축하 ㅋ 아이스버킷땜에 우리 셋만 남았네~ :) #하하 #광수 #하하생일 #아이스버킷 #런닝맨

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Aaron Yan quick ask quick answer session; Puff Kuo is like an octopus?!

Popular ‘God’ Aaron Yan visited Singapore to promote ‘Fall in Love With Me’ earlier. He accepted MeRadio’s ‘quick ask quick answer’ challenge. When he got asked about what animals he’d choose to describe Tia Li, the female lead of ‘Fall in Love With Me’ and Puff Kuo, the female lead of ‘No Cut’ dance version MV, Aaron unexpectedly replied Puff is like an octopus, the reason behind is because……

Aaron has received many votes in a poll of which celebrities the audience think would get into a quick marriage. He has been training hard for his body lately and he’s getting fitter. He bluntly said the guy who he thinks has the most perfect muscles is himself. This fit body mustn’t be wasted! As to whether he’d release a ‘full-on naked’ photobook, quickly click on the video to hear what Aaron has to say!

Watch the video here.
(Note: Will post up translations/sub Aaron’s quick ask quick answer video later)

Source: MeRadio.sg
Translations: dearaaronyan.tumblr.com


THE AARON SHOW : Full Song List x Videos (Fancams)

Hello puddings, I have received several anon asks asking for more videos of The Aaron Show so I’ve decided to make this post. Below is the full song list (in order) of the songs which Aaron has sung on the night. Media news reporters were only allowed to film the show live up until Puff’s appearance, hence there are no news clips of Aaron and Tia’s duet. I have tried my best to source the videos to each of the songs, they are fancams shared by puddings on YouTube. I hope you’ll find this post useful! ^^

  1. Entertainer (大智若娛)
  2. The Unwanted Love (多餘的我)
  3. No Cut -feat. Puff Kuo- (一刀不剪)
  4. Unstoppable Sun (擋不住的太陽)
  5. The Only Rose (唯一的玫瑰)
  6. It Will Be Fine (好像對他說)
  7. Medley:- Talking to the moon, 我要快樂, 傻子, California King Bed
  8. That’s Not Me (這不是我)
  9. Rooftop -feat. Tia Li- (屋頂)
  10. Taipei Dreamin’ (台北沉睡了)
  11. Unlimited (沒規矩)
  12. Kidnap Love (綁架愛情)
  13. Starting From Now (現在開始)
  14. The Next Me (下一個我)