SBS Ent. Awards 2011 Pt.1

[RM 206] Because he is Sparta! :)

[RM 206] Selfie time :)

typical morning melodrama reaction

This is gonna become my new favourite reaction X’D

Can’t fight this feeling anymore.. xD


Aaron’s 1st Travelogue Photobook | 夢遊私台北 ★ Taipei Dreamin’ myself (chapter 4)

“When I am infront of all of you, Aaron Yan is not an idol. I hope that we could be more like partners, partners that can give each other support in order for us both to proceed bravely to each of our individual paths.” — Aaron Yan (Taipei Dreamin’)


papitus_official힘 불끈불끈 전복삼계탕 드시고 한층 더 귀여워지신 종국님 인증샷♥ 더위 싹 날리는 귀여운 종국님 보시고 시원한 여름밤 보내세요 :-D

It’s a JK’s pics approving Samgyetang feeling energetic from Papitus. Seeing this JK’s pics, let’s cool off these heats.

#김종국 #kimjongkook #kjk #파피투스 #papitus #런닝맨 #runningman #중복 #영양만점 전복 삼계탕 #김종국사랑해요 #김종국화이팅


Thank u PAPITUS for treating RM cast n whole staff members to a awesome lunch today!! Everyone loved it~~!! #lovemafans #thebest #papitus 팬여러분들 너무 감사해요~ 다들 너무 감동했슴돠~! 열심히 할께요~! #전복삼계탕 #파피투스

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